our mission

yanja series is a once a month gathering  that strives to create a safe/courageous space for people of colour based in baltimore and surrounding communities to connect, unwind + express themselves. yanja, a shortened version of the Chichewa word ‘yanjanani’ means  come together + gather. it is our goal to cultivate + promote a space of love, of learning and of pride within our individual identities through movement, through storytelling, through fellowship and most importantly through open + honest dialogues. 

why is this important?

as people of colour with various oppressed identities, it is critical that we are able to have safe / courageous spaces to boldly express every part of our identities while still being mindful of respecting the identities of others. we believe that this expression is a form of resistance.  yanja series seeks to provide this space on a monthly basis. by having themes that correlate with each monthly gathering we hope to explore diverse subject matters that will stimulate growth + provide tangible takeaways for those in attendance. 

contact | yanjaseries@gmail.com